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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Windows Phone - Mango FTW! ;)

Everything I know about the upcoming "Mango" update for Windows Phone is listed below.

1. App list improvements
2. App search
3. Marketplace search improvements
4. Podcasts support
5. New application install with progress bar
6. Full third party Multitasking
7. Search extras
8. Third party ringtone support
9. Pin live app tiles
10. Pin multiple live tiles & app alarms
11. Turn-by-turn directions
12. Skydrive/Office 365 integration
13. Internet Explorer 9 Mobile
14. Kinect Windows Phone integration
15. Outlook conversation view
16. Lync Messaging client
17. Pin Outlook folders
18. Information Right Management
19. Camera shutter sound option
20. Zune Smart DJ mix
21. Windows Live Messenger/Facebook chat
22. Xbox Sync option
23. Group Messaging
24. Album art on lock screen
25. Bing Audio/Vision
26. Bing Maps settings enchancements
27. SMS dictation
28. Twitter integration
29. Network awareness NCSI support
30. Fast application resume
31. Complex (alpha-numeric) password support
32. Background Audio
33. File Download Service
34. Wi-Fi improvements
35. SkyDrive Integration
36. Visual voicemail support
37. Unified Mailbox, Linked inbox

That's a LOT of stuff I guess :)

On May 24th Microsoft will be previewing the next version of Windows Phone (It will be called Windows Phone 7.5)

Looking forward to the event :)


  1. ha ha ha!! thats hell lot of things u know about the phone bro!! Nice article again!! Sweet and simple with lots of information!Kudos