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Monday, April 4, 2011

Windows Phone 7


Microsoft’s latest and greatest smartphone OS is out almost all over the globe. I decided to blog about this only after getting a “handful” of hands-on time with a WP7 device. Recently, I played with the HTC HD7 for a long time. My first impressions.

1. Windows Phone 7 is “fast”. The OS is seriously lightning fast. Use it to believe it.

2. It’s beautiful and delightful. Microsoft was absolutely right about what it said about the amazing Windows Phone 7 experience. It was decorated with “content” and not “chrome”.The UI looks pretty much like the Zune software for Windows PC.

3. The OS is very very darn slick and smooth. It’s the winner in this matter. Hands down.

4. Great Office integration. Plus, Xbox Live is a pretty awesome.

5. Zune integration is really cool. The UI is very pretty. Being able to wirelessly sync all media is awesome.

So, Windows Phone 7 is a really really great OS with a lot of potential to be even better. The upcoming Mango update will bring full 3rd party app switching, IE9 with hardware acceleration, additional SkyDrive support and more stuff that we don’t know about yet. Hope Microsoft releases the update soon.

To conclude, Windows Phone 7 is a solid OS with a lot of underlying potential. The Live Tiles and the Hubs experience is truly attractive and awesome. The recent deal with Nokia has to prove fruitful since Nokia is the largest mobile hardware manufacturer in the world. 2012 will be the year of the Windows Phone. Smile

Here are some videos and commercials about Windows Phone 7. Hope you enjoy.

Everything a smartphone should be : Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone commercial–What if?
Get to know Windows Phone 7

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