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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 - A new beginning!

2011 is here. A fresh start. This year is going to be very important and exciting for me. First of all, there are 2 important exams that I am about to appear for - HSC Board and CET. Second, I will hopefully start my engineering in a good college. Third, I will get a new smartphone this year, fingers crossed. Fourth, I don't know what's about to come in my life this year. I hope this year brings joy and happiness to me, my family and my friends' lives. I will possibly be blogging as much as I can from now on.

"The Social Network" is one movie I cannot forget for a single minute. It's just... wow! Mark Zuckerberg - awesome person!

One thing everyone should know about me - I love Microsoft a lot! One of the reasons is Bill Gates is my role-model and idol and the founder of Microsoft. Other reason is that every single product launched by Microsoft rocks! Whether its Windows or Xbox or Kinect or Live or Zune - everything is very interesting, very useful and fun!

Expecting a great time ahead in 2011. That's it for now.

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